Urban planning at Kapkoi in limbo over existence of two physical plans

Residents of Kapkoi township address journalists. Photo/Aspect News

A plan by the county government of Trans Nzoia to commence an urban planning initiative at Kapkoi Township in Kwanza constituency is facing an uphill task following divisions over which physical plan to use.

Trouble began when the county government, through a July 1, 2020 gazette notice, gave a 30 day period for residents to give their input on a new physical plan as per the requirement of the physical planning Act Cap 286.

A group of residents however took issue with the plan saying it contradicts an initial plan developed in 2002. They read mischief alleging a conspiracy to trim their plots under the pretext of allocating land for public utilities.

“We are opposed to this process since due process as per the Physical planning Act has not been adhered to. The revocation of the former physical plan was done illegally,’ said Mr. Emmanuel Nyongesa.

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The aggrieved residents are planning to move to court to put an injunction on the process while seeking redress on the matter which has seen them call on area Governor Patrick Khaemba to intervene.

“We will be moving to court in search of justice since this process has been politicized instead of being conducted in a professional way as per the guidelines of the Physical planning Act,” Mr. Makodiang’ Ogutu.

Another group however accused those opposed to the process of pursuing a selfish agenda for fear of losing some land within the township which have been earmarked to be used for setting up public utilities.

“The growth of the town requires space for utilities like a site for waste management. We want a legitimate planning process that will ensure all the factors of physical planning are put into consideration,” said Mr. Augustine Nalianya.