Trans Nzoia youths fault move to gag Ruto

Cherang'any parliamentary hopeful. Photo/Courtesy

Youths in Trans Nzoia who are allied to Deputy President William Ruto have taken issue with the selective application of the Public Order with some politicians being given preference over others.

The youths read mischief in the law saying its aimed at crippling the mobility of Dr. Ruto who has been criss crossing the country to address the plight of the poor in society.

“Why is it that is the deputy president is required to seek approval to hold meetings while other leaders are gathering without restrictions,’ said the coordinator of the team Vitalis Wamalwa.

Mr. Wamalwa said it’s laughable for the government to allege that a move by Ruto to mingle with the less privileged is a threat to national security yet his aim is to empower them.

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“How does finding a solution to the challenges being faced by the youths amount to a threat to nationals security. Does it mean the government is happy when the poverty index is high?” he posed.

Mr. Wamalwa said Ruto’s opponents should stop resorting to illegal tricks in their bid to derail his presidential bid but should also tell Kenyans which new agenda they have for the nation.

“State machinery has now been deployed to stop an ambitious individual from ascending to the presidency. This is called self-annihilation;a country is in a warpath against the hard fought democratic gains. Is this the way to go?” he posed.