Trans Nzoia Traders move to contain Covid 19 spread chain

The Kenya Chamber of Commerce and Industries KNCCI Trans Nzoia chapter has embarked on a sensitization exercise to have traders in the region strictly adhere to Covid 19 containment protocols.

The chairman of the organisation Martin Waliaula said the countywide exercise is aimed at ensuring their members conduct their businesses in a safe environment that will ensure they are not exposed to the virus.

“We have lost more than 20 members due to this pandemic. We want our members to prioritise their health over profits since some customers have proven stubborn when it comes to observation of the health guidelines,” said Mr. Waliaula.

He further called on the traders turn off customers who keep defying the said guidelines saying the rising number of infections is proof enough that the transmission chain is high in the region owing to laxity.

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The county public health officer Nobert Musundi said the rate of infections within the region is now at 575 with more than 15 deaths. 171 patients are currently on treatment at various facilities including the prison facilities.

“We keep telling our people to adhere to safety protocols since there is no cure for the virus. We have observed a rise in the number of infections and deaths and this must be contained in time,” said Mr. Musundi.