Trans Nzoia politician joins efforts to fumigate schools

A Trans Nzoia based politician has joined government efforts to contain the spread of the Covid 19 disease in the region by launching a fumigation exercise targeting primary and secondary schools.

The initiative by Mr. Allan Chesang’ has seen teams dispatched to various parts of the county to spray classrooms with disinfectants in a move aimed at curbing the spread of the virus among learners who have partially resumed studies.

“The goal is to contain the spread of the virus which is on the rise in Trans Nzoia and other parts of the country. We must all come together to contain this pandemic,” Mr. Chesang’ spoke in Kitale during the launch of the exercise.

He called for the need to step-up of Covid 19 containment measures to curb the rising number of infections in Trans Nzoia which currently where more than 350 infections have been recorded with more than 11 deaths.

“We call on the members of the public to take safety precautions to be safe from this pandemic which is fast spreading across the country. We should ignore those claiming Covid 19 is a conspiracy theory,” advised Mr. Chesang’.

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Area county public health officer Nobert Musundi stressed the need by locals to keep observing the stipulated Covid 19 containment measures to curb the fast spread of the pandemic within the region.

“The only solution to curbing the spread of the virus is by observing set guidelines since as a county we are at risk judging by the current statistics. We have noticed some laxity,” said Mr. Musundi.

The area county commissioner Samson Ojwang has in the meantime directed residents to observe the regulations or face the full wrath of the law.

“Police officers are going to be more vigil to ensure that residents and business operators observe the required regulations, failure to which they will face prosecution,” warned Mr. Ojwang.