Trans Nzoia: Pending Bills to Undergo Thorough Audit

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya addresses journalists after a CIDP meeting in Kitale on September 5, 2022. Photo/Aspect News

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has initiated a thorough audit of all pending bills inherited from former Governor Patrick Khaemba’s administration in a bid to ensure that only justifiable ones are paid.

Governor Natembeya said the audit will focus on specifics of how the tendering for specific projects was conducted, the contract number, and the status of the projects and why they were not paid in time yet budgeting informs projects.

“We are not just going to fall into the trap of figures that are being thrown around to the tune of sh 1.5 billion. We must ensure that due process was done and there was value for money before payments are done,” he said.

The county boss said his administration will not condone wastage of public funds through payment substandard or ghost projects just to benefit few individuals while derailing the development agenda which is the main pillar of devolution.

“Those who are willing to undertake development projects must be ready to work above board since we will only make payments after inspections ascertain that the projects were done as per required standards,” he said.

Governor Natembeya has also said he is set to initiate an audit on all staff employees to weed out ghost workers but he promised to use a different system unlike the head count one that is being employed in other counties.

“The head count system is not efficient since you can easily be misled by those you have entrusted with the process of doing so since most of them have something to do with the presence of the said individuals,” he said.

On Monday Senior officials at the county government of Trans Nzoia were today locked out of a County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) meeting that was attended by area Governor George Natembeya after arriving late.

The officers and some employees who were drawn from all the departments were denied access to the meeting by security officers who were instructed not to let anyone who arrived after 9 am access the room.