Trans Nzoia: Group offers helping hand to the needy

A woman receives foodstuff from Mrs. Nyende at Bondeni area in Waitaluk ward. The foodstuffs were donated by the Kapkoi Sisal Development group (KASIDE). Photo\Aspect News

The Kapkoi Sisal Development group (KASIDE) supplied foodstuffs to needy families at Bondeni village in Waitaluk ward to cushion them from the harsh economic effects occasioned by the Covid 19 pandemic.

The charity group mobilized resources from several partners to purchase the commodities for the needy recipients who are mostly women who bear the burden of fending for their families since some are widowed

“This group has developed a culture of assisting the vulnerable within our community through charity since its inception. We identify needy cases and assist them with what we can’t” said the group’s executive officer Kennedy Jalega.

Mr. Jalega said the Charity was made possible through a network of well wishers within the region and sons of the ward  who are in Diaspora and have a passion of giving back to the society among them Dr. Samuel Nyende.

The recipients thanked the group for the donation saying it was handy since they are finding it rough to make ends meet owing to their poor economic status and thanked Dr. Nyende for leading the mobilization.

“Poverty has made it hard for us to meet the basic necessities for our families which include grandchildren. We appreciate the assistance that we have got so far as a result of Kaside,” said Ms Rose Deo.

Kimimini MCA David Kisaka who was among the guests that graced the occasion called on the government to ensure the cash transfer programme which targets the elderly is effective benefit such cases

“Most deserving elders have been missing out on the stipend by government yet they are the most vulnerable group. The challenge must be addressed to ensure the kitty achieves its initial goal,” said Mr. Kisaka.