Trans Nzoia: Broke Census personnel demand their dues

Some of the Individuals who offered services in the 2019 census exercise in Trans Nzoia. They are demanding their dues. Photo/ Aspect News

Individuals who rendered services in the August 2019 census exercise in Trans Nzoia are demanding for their dues from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) following prolonged delays in payment two months down the line.

The enraged individuals who worked as ICT supervisors, Content supervisors and enumerators expressed their disappointment with KNBS officials in the region for what they termed as being taken in circles in their pursuit to get wages for services they rendered.

“We have been regular visitors at the KNBS offices in Kitale since we got wind that the funds had been released for payment. The concerned officer has however decided to turn a blind eye on our predicament,” said Mr. Kairo Mutuku .

They said they have been grounded financially since most of them had incurred debts in a bid to meet their daily expenditures with hope that they would receive their payments in time as per the commitment of relevant government officials.

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“Those we owe are threatening to take legal action against us. We incurred debts with hope that the government had set aside a budget for us with regards to payment,” said Mr. Augustine Nalianya.

Rights activist Tony Omari challenged the government to have mercy on the team by ensuring they are paid in time saying the delay is a violation of labour rights since the payment period elapsed.

“Most of those who are suffering are college students who had banked hopes on the money to boost them in their studies. We hope the funds are not being used by banks to accrue interests before release,” said Mr. Omari.

Dagorreti South legislator John Kiarie tabled a petition in parliament last week over the delayed remuneration of census workers.

In the petition, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) boss Zachary Mwangi has been summoned to offer an explanation for the delay.