Saboti: MP defends road netwtork record

Saboti MP Caleb Amsi adresses journalists at Chemichemi area on April 16, 2021.Photo/Aspect News

Saboti MP Caleb Amisi has defended his development track record with regard to the development of the road network in the region saying he is committed to delivering on his plan.

Mr. Amisi who was responding to critics of his development agenda, said it is good to appreciate the fact that not every road is under his jurisdiction saying feeder roads should be maintained by the county government.

“I urge those who have been attacking me with regards to the road network to know that I am not responsible for every road in Saboti. I am repairing those under my jurisdiction,” he said at Chemichemi village.

Mr. Amisi said he has utilised allocated resources to uplift the status of roads that are under him despite the fact that he inherited them while in poor condition saying his predecessors overlooked the sector.

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“Before you start blaming and comparing us with other constituencies you must ask yourself what was the state of these roads when I came in office and what I have done so far because the case was worse than now,” he said.

The first time legislator said he will remain focused on repairing roads that have been planned for upgrade by his administration saying the residents should not give an ear to those out to politicize everything.

The MP launched the Umoja bridge in Matisi constituency to ease transportation within unlike in the past where locals were faced with a challenge in navigating to cross over.