Saboti: Group wants police to arrest leaders behind commotion at MP’s meeting

A caucus of the Luhya community in Kitale address journalists condemning the disruption of Saboti MP Caleb Amisi's meeting. Photo/Aspect News

A caucus of the Luhya community based in Trans Nzoia has called on police in Kitale to apprehend leaders behind the disruption of a development meeting by Saboti MP Caleb Amisi.

They said it is now evident who was behind the incident judging by their move to throw an eating party with the team of violent youths in one of the joints in Kitale town, a day after the incident.

“We want law enforcement agencies to track the movement of the youths before and after the incident then they will easily determine the leader behind the incident, in case they don’t know yet,” said Mr. David Luta.

They said the habit by leaders to use dirty tricks to undermine their opponent’s is a barbaric culture that must be contained in time saying it is setting a bad precedent as the 2022 general elections draw nigh.

“Such acts must be dealt with in time or else they will become a norm. The police must not overlook these matters or else they will be encouraging a bad habit among the youths,” said Wycliffe Ongola.

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The group’s youth leader Fredrick Mudachi said police must deal with organized gangs which are on the rise in Matisi and Tuwan wards with the sole purpose of harassing politicians while demanding handouts.

The group also warned that if such acts persist they will endup derailing the development agenda within the constituency since the flexing of political muscles will instead take center stage.

They challenged youths in the region to desist from being used by leaders for selfish gains instead of highlighting what development agenda they have for them since some of them are elected leaders.

“Youths must challenge leaders on development agenda instead of being used to cause havoc in meetings aimed at addressing the socio-economic challenges being witnessed in the constituency,” said Eliud Imbai.