ODM: MP discourages zoning with new partners

Mr. Amisi says zoning may lock out potential candidates

Saboti MP Caleb Amisi addresses a Trans Nzoia county ODM coordinating committee meeting in Kitale on November 15, 2021. Photo/Aspect News

​​​Saboti MP Caleb Amisi has called on the Orange Democratic Movement party (ODM) to ensure alliances with other parties don’t disadvantage its aspirants at the grassroots level.

Mr. Amisi who addressed the party’s Trans Nzoia county coordinating committee meeting that was graced by the secretary Edwin Sifuna said zoning should not be encouraged since it unfairly locks out potential candidates.

“We call on the party’s top management to ensure any alliances that will be formed at the national level does not undermine the plan to field candidates at all elective zones to have numerical strength,” the legislator noted.

He said the party failed to garner many seats in the county in the last elections since former coalition partners Ford Kenya bullied their way in a quest to have dominance over the region perceived to be their home ground.

“We used to face it rough whenever we attended National Super Alliance meetings since we were even denied the chance to address joint political forums,” the MP said.

Mr. Sifuna who acknowledged the concern said the party has learnt tough lessons in the past and will not overlook its individual goal of having increased representation while forging alliances with other parties.

“We may however have joint nominations with alliance partners in incidents where we want to field a strong candidate instead of competing amongst ourselves which may disadvantage us,” said the secretary general.

He however assured the officials that the party will never join hands with dishonest partners like in the case of the defunct NASA coalition which was rocked with mistrust that eventually led to its collapse.

“You can see that our former dishonest partners who are now in the one Kenya alliance are still suffering from the syndrome of mistrust that is why they are unable to name their flag bearer,” said Mr. Sifuna.