Natembeya orders Junior Officers to Respect Seniors

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya addresses residents of Kwanza during Mashujaa day celebrations on October 20, 2022. Photo/Courtesy

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has directed officers in his government to respect their seniors while discharging their duties so as to have decorum that will guarantee efficiency in service delivery.

Governor Natembeya noted that the culture where junior officers treat their superiors as equals while on duty gives room for lack of seriousness in the workplace and in the long run compromises on service delivery.

“We want an order where junior officers have to address their superiors as sir or madam. This habit where some juniors address their seniors casually must come to an end for there to be change,” Natembeya spoke during Mashujaa day celebrations in Kwanza Girls High School.

The county boss said all government officers must adhere to an orderly way of working by committing to respect their seniors and they must also declare their wealth as part of the legal requirement on integrity to tame graft.

“All government officers are required by law to declare their wealth to ensure that everybody accounts for what they will own from time to time to ensure that no one squanders resources meant for public use,” said Natembeya.

The governor also directed ward administrators to desist from engaging in politics and instead focus on their job description which requires them to be agents of development for the county executive at the ward level.

“Ward administrators must not engage in politics or any other duties that are within their job description. Those who don’t know their mandate must do so or else they must be ready to quit,” said the governor.

The governor also said staff training will be held locally as opposed to having to spend money on travels beyond the county where public funds are wasted in posh hotels in the name of benchmarking yet it can be done in schools in the region.

The governor has been insisting that there is a need by county officers to be disciplined in terms of time management and adherence to the code of conduct as one way of ensuring that they deliver on their mandate.

The county boss has also proposed to construct county headquarters as one way of centralizing government operations where all senior officers will be stationed at one place unlike currently where offices are scattered.