Nangabo advocates for repossession of grabbed Kenyatta stadium land

MCAS Martin Simiyu (Nabiswa), Ben Wanjala (Kapomboi), Trans Nzoia woman representative Janet Nangabo and MCAs Bernard Wambwa (Tuwan) follow proceedings of the NGAAF final match between Kwanza and Saboti sub counties at the Kenyatta stadium in Kitale. Photo/

The ministry of lands has been called upon to repossess grabbed land belonging to the Kenyatta stadium in Trans Nzoia County to allow for expansion of the stadia to accommodate all sporting events as required.

Area Woman representative Janet Nangabo and a section of ward representatives in the region accused land grabbers in the region of frustrating efforts to upgrade the stadium to a state of the art status  to promote talents.

“We call on investigative agencies to move with speed to boost efforts to repossess the grabbed land. We will not allow this culture of impurity to deny our youths the right to harness their sporting talents,” she spoke at the stadium.

She spoke during the issuance of awards to winners of the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) tournament which saw teams from the five sub counties face off in a race to emerge the best in Trans Nzoia.

Saboti Sub County carried the day after beating Kwanza 2-0 in the finals. Cherang’any Sub County came third while Kiminini and Endebess sub counties came fourth and fifth respectively in the one week tournament. All the teams were rewarded.

Her words were echoed by MCAs Bernard Wambwa (Tuwan), Ben Wanjala (Kapomboi) and Martin Simiyu (Nabiswa) who said they have engaged the county executive on how to rectify an anomaly that saw the initial upgrade of the stadium done shoddily.

“Trans Nzoia cannot have a state of the art stadium like the Bukhungu stadium in Kakamega since the available space is not sufficient. The grabbed land around the stadium has to be reposed first,” said Mr. Wambwa.

This comes at a time when the area County government has issued a directive to developers who are putting up buildings on disputed parcels of public land within Kitale Municipality to continue doing so at their own peril.