MP Wamalwa condemns leaders sowing seeds of discord

Marakwet elders perform blessing rites on Kiminini MP Dr. Chris Wamalwa (second right) who is seeking to be the second Governor of Trans Nzoia county in 2022. Photo/Courtesy.

Kiminini MP Dr. Chris Wamalwa has urged political leaders to be mindful of their utterances to avoid polarizing the country along ethnic lines in the run up to the 2022 general elections.

Dr. Wamalwa observed that the rise in the utterances by a section of leaders drawn from various political camps is worrying since it might plunge the country in to chaos if not contained in time.

“I call upon my colleagues to restrain from spreading hate through their utterances. We need to build cohesion as a country irrespective of our political differences,” he spoke at a meeting to with Marakwet elders in Cherang’any constituency.

Former inspector General David Kimaiyo called on the police to avoid arresting hate mongers immediately arguing that most of them are provoking arrests to seek political popularity in the next elections.

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“As long as they have not committed felony, the arrest can be made later when the political temperatures have capsized to avoid giving unnecessary political mileage to the said leaders who might be unpopular,” said Kimaiyo.

Cherang’any parliamentary hopeful Benson Milimo called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to lead by example on containing the growing political emotions which are partly grounded on a feeling of betrayal.

“We call on President Kenyatta to be a symbol of unity. His perceived favoritism to one side of the two antagonizing political groupings is a recipe for all the theatrics being witnessed,” noted Mr. Milimo.

Mr. Wamalwa who is seeking the Governorship of Trans Nzoia County was endorsed by the Marakwet elders who assured him of their support in his bid to succeed Governor Patrick Khaemba come 2022.