Leaders propose lasting solution to flooding in Trans Nzoia

The head of infrastructure and ICT in the office of the deputy president Kakai Bissau addresses journalists at Pathfinder village in Kiminini constituency where he distributed humanitarian aid to vulnerable groups. Photo/Aspect News

Leaders in Trans Nzoia County are calling on the area county government to initiate plans of identifying alternative lands to resettle residents in flood prone areas in conjunction with the ministry of water and irrigation.

The head of infrastructure and ICT in the office of the deputy president Kakai Bissau said relocation is the best remedy for residents within the areas who are always affected whenever there is heavy downpour.

“It is becoming evident that the lasting solution to flooding in Namanjalala and parts of Bikeke is relocation of vulnerable residents who feel the pinch whenever River Sabwani breaks its banks,” said Mr. Bissau.

Government statistics indicate that more than 30, 000 residents of Kwanza, Endebess, Saboti and Kiminini constituencies have been affected with floods in the region which has been experiencing heavy downpour in the last month.

Sirende ward MCA Alfred Weswa said the if the re-settlement programme  is successful, the areas of residence prone to floods should be converted to check dams to contain the flooding effects.

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“We call upon the county government of Trans Nzoia to ensure that all funds approved by the county assembly for emergencies are properly utilized to assist the targeted families,” said the Mr.,Weswa

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa recently asked Kenyans living in flood prone areas that are destined for establishment of mitigation infrastructure to give room for the projects.

Mr. Wamalwa observed that some areas which have been experiencing floods require establishment of water harvesting dams to contain their effects.

“We call on all those who have refused to give way to do so because the government will compensate them to acquire portions of land elsewhere,” he spoke at Namanjalala High School.