Kitale: Youth group promotes observation of Corona Virus preventive measures

Members of the Crystal Youth Group carry out a sensitization session on Covid 19 prevention at Kitale Municipal market. Photo/Aspect News

Members of a youth group based in Trans Nzoia County are carrying out daily sensitization sessions on preventive measures against the spread of the Corona Virus within Kitale town to ensure locals are compliant.

Officials of the Crystal Youth Group arm themselves with banners bearing preventive messages which they display while criss-crossing the agricultural town to rally locals to adhere to ministry of health prevention protocol.

“We felt that we have to play a role by rallying the people within Kitale town to embrace the hygienic standards prescribed by the ministry of health to keep the Corona virus at bay,” said the chairman Mr. Albert Kanyangi.

On a typical day, they walk from line moja market where they sensitize traders then head to Matatu parking lots where they educate PSV crew and passengers on the need to observe the regulations. They later proceed to the CBD.

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“We also visit the main municipal market where we single out those who don’t wear face masks to tell them about the dangers of not doing so. The key message is that the fight is individual,” said the secretary pastor Daniel Juma.

Apart from sensitization, they also spray disinfectants on surfaces which they deem risky in harbouring the corona viruses to ensure they contain the spread of the pandemic which has hit several parts of the country.

They called on other well wishers in the region to come on board to assist in enlightening residents on the need to stay safe saying victory against the virus lies in ensuring those close are safer to cut the spread chain.