Kitale: Hospital to run Fibroid screening & treatment camp

The Director of Royal Garden Hospital Dr. Charles Wasike during the interview at his office on May 13, 2021. Photo/Courtesy

The Royal Gardens Hospital in Kitale is set to launch a one month free medical camp targeting 300 patients suffering from Uterine Fibroids and related complications within Trans Nzoia.

The Gynecological Surgical Drive which will run from June 1 to June 30 is informed by detection of rising cases of uterine fibroids among Gynecological patients who visited the facility within a year.

“ The hospital attended to 384 Gynecological patients Between January 1st, 2019 and March 31st 2021,. Out of these, 204 had varying stages suffering from uterine Fibroids,” the Hospital’s director Dr. Charles Wasike said.

The hospital later tasked two community health volunteers in 2019  to help in identifying Gynecology patients with surgical conditions upon which they identified twenty five patients in a week’s time.

“Majority of the patients had Fibroids where some included ovarian and breast diseases. We set up this campaign after realizing there are many women in the rural set up who can’t afford medication for these conditions,” said Dr. Wasike.

According to a 2010 World Health Organization report, Fibroids affect between 20-25% of women, and close to 235 million women who represent 6.6% of the global women population are estimated to have been affected worldwide.

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Internationally, uterine Fibroids are associated with Morbidity in 40% of women, affecting their productive life.

“Creating awareness and proper guidance for treatment will reduce morbidity and restore them back to productive lives,”  the director said.

The camp season runs for three months. The month of May is dedicated to Identification and screening of the patients.

The month of June is dedicated to surgeries while the month of July is dedicated to follow up.

The hospital has commended the county government of Trans Nzoia’s health department for being part of the planning process by offering guidance on standard requirements.

The hospital will on Saturday run a mock camp for the exercise which is expected to be graced by several officials from the National and county government.

The hospital has partnered with the Kenya Red Cross, National Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Trans Nzoia county professionals and Rise-UP Africa, Woodlands Hotel and Buckner Kenya.

The Hospital will also run a breast surgical drive between September and October and Prostate surgical awareness drive between January and February.