Kitale: Hospital banks on Telemedicine to achieve social distancing

The executive officer of Annie Hospital Kitale Martin Wafula addressing journalists at the facility. Photo/Aspect News

Medics at Annie Hospital in Kitale are using Smartphone technology to attend to some patients online to reduce congestion at the facility to achieve the social distancing guidelines to curb corona virus spread.

The Telehealth application which offers consultations through a video conference with a doctor, allows a patient to share symptoms, receive a diagnosis, and is given a prescription or, in some cases, a list of lab tests they should run.

“A patient requires internet connection to log in to the application upon which they will pay consultation fee then they will be attended to by a medical expert at the comfort of their homes,” said the hospital’s executive officer Martin Wafula.

Patients who require laboratory tests are required to visit nearby facilities or a specialist at the hospital is send to their locations to have them tested after which they upload their results on the application.

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“We deliver prescribed medicine to patients and those in critical condition can be picked up for admission. This is very useful during curfew hours where some patients fear getting out,” said Mr. Wafula.

The Hospital which was launched about a month ago has also put in place screening mechanisms at the facility’s entrance to ensure patients with corona-like symptoms don’t mingle with others.

“We have a tent at the gate where anyone who enters the facility has to get through screening before they are allowed in. Any suspicious cases are handed over to the Corona emergency team,” said Dr. Nalianya Chesoli.