Kitale church ministers fault restrictions on services

Bishops and pastors from Kitale brainstorm at the PEFA cathedral in Kitale. Photo/Aspect News

Bishops and pastors in Trans Nzoia have termed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s guidelines on the operation of places of worship in a bid to contain the spread of CoronaVirus as unrealistic and selective.

They have additionally blamed the members of the inter-faith council which guided President Kenyatta of failing to capture the input of church leaders across the country in their advisory mandate.

“Why is it that other sectors are advised to merely observe the world health organisation’s guidelines in their operations while churches have extra restrictions,” wondered Bishop Benjamin Tanguli.

Bishop Joseph Ngaroya said the 100 congregants ceiling will be hard to achieve for churches which have a high population of members and instead called for emphasis on social distancing.

“Churches should be allowed to use the 1.5 meter rule to determine the number of members they can admit in their services since each church has its unique population,” said Bishop Ngaroya.

They also took issue with the restriction on the age limit of those who will be allowed in church services saying it is unrealistic since the same regulation has not been effected on other social gatherings.

“We have not seen age restrictions in public service vehicles, supermarkets and Bars. We should be allowed to serve God freely because everyone needs divine protection,” said Re. Winnie Wanyonyi.

They also said the one hour service restriction is an infringement on the freedom of worship saying each church has its order of service with a stipulated time frame which cannot be compromised.

“Focus should be on whether churches are observing social distance and washing of hands. The duration of worship should be left to each church to decide as has been the norm,” said Apostle Nixon Wasike