Kitale: Arsenal fans launch plans to establish soccer academy

Lillian Kiprono (left) takes oath of office as the new chairlady of the Kitale Arsenal Fans Club at the Kitale ASK ground on July 11, 2021. Photo/Courtesy

An Arsenal Football Clun fans club in Trans Nzoia County has set sights on setting up a soccer academy to harness talents among young players within the region as part of efforts to grow the game.

The fans club whose membership is drawn across the county has set the ball rolling for the initiative which will see selected players undergo training that will seek to develop their soccer skills.

The group’s new officials led by the chair lady Lillian Kiprono said they are seeking partnerships with other stakeholders to ensure the dream becomes a reality saying the growth of sporting talents is a key priority.

“We are united by the love of the football game. We wish to see fresh talents being developed out of our efforts to set up a football academy,” Kiprono spoke after being sworn into office at the Kitale ASK ground.

The group’s secretary Allan Otieno said the group is also seeking to extend its tentacles at the grassroots level by recruiting more fans with a goal of growing the support for the London-based club.

“Arsenal FC has a huge following in this country. We wish to bring more fans on board to advance the interests of the club and boost ways in which we can live the dream of the club beyond the pitch,” said Mr. Otieno.

The Trans Nzoia Football Kenya Federation (FKF)woman representative Jane Khaendi lauded the club for its efforts of supporting the growth of soccer at the grassroots level and called on supporters of other clubs to emulate the culture.

“It is evident that football fans club can help grow sporting talents if they are well organized. The federation welcomes such initiatives since the growth of the game requires all stakeholders on board,” said Ms. Khaendi.