Khetia’s supermarket launches bid to rightfully dispose plastic bottles

Khetias Drapers Limited Director Ashok Khetias (left) and Trans Nzoia county Trade CEC Simon Kisigei dispose pet bottles in a special bin during launch of the “Go Green” programme. Photo/Aspect News

​Western Kenya’s leading Supermarket Chain, Khetia’s Supermarket, has launched an environmental conservation initiative that seeks to collect and recycle used plastic bottles.

The initiative dubbed “Go Green” will see customers of all its outlets in the region mentored to dispose the pet bottles within special bins upon which they will be subjected to a recycling process.

“We have realized that most consumers don’t dispose the bottles in the required manner hence we want to change the culture by giving them an option to do it in the right way,” said M​​r. Ashok Khetia a director at the supermarket.

The Trans Nzoia county director of environment Godfrey Wekesa said the initiative is handy since most residents resort to incorrect ways of disposing the bottles impacting negatively on the environment.

“Most residents are ignorant of how to rightful dispose the bottles hence they resort to burning them not knowing that this has a Casinogenic effect on the environment which may lead to health hazards like cancer,” said Mr. Wekesa.

The County director of the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) Mr. Valentine Lala said the programme will also be educative since consumers will be enlightened on the rightful ways to dispose pet bottles.

The Trans Nzoia county executive committee member in charge of Trade Mr. Simon Kisigei lauded the directors of the supermarket saying he move is a perfect example of doing business responsibly.

“The process of recycling the bottles will be done at an industry which will have an economic value by creating Jobs. This will hence conserve the environment and boost the economy of this region,” said Mr. Kisigei.