Kenya Seed Seeks to Boost Production

Kenya Seed Company managing director Fred Oloibe tours (third right) accompanies other stakeholders during the company’s field day at the Elgon Downs farm. Photo/Courtesy

The Kenya Seed Company has set sights on boosting its production to meet the growing demand for food security in the country and to cement its authority as the leading seed firm in the east Africa region.

The company’s managing director Fred Oloibe said the company is boosting its production in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda to address the diminishing land under seed production in Kenya that has been caused by land subdivision.

“We have commenced production in the three countries to address the land problem in Kenya. The production in the three countries will enable us to meet the market demand in the region,” Mr. Oloibe spoke at the company’s field day at the Elgon down Farm.

Land subdivision remains a key threat to seed production in regions like Trans Nzoia county that are witnessing a rise in conversion of production land for settlement.

He also said the company will keep reviewing its terms with contracted seed growers to meet the current production realities so as to ensure they are more efficient in their production in the coming seasons.

“We need to find innovative ways of working with our growers in terms of long term contracts and continuous review of pricing to address the growing cost of production to maintain our lead in the market and live up to our mandate of food security,” said the MD.

Oloibe also said the company has undergone transformation through self regulation in recent years which includes motivating its staff, technological advancements in the fields or research and production among others geared towards boosting its annual production.

“We have boosted our capacity as a firm. We are targeting to harvest 30 million kilos of Maize seed in a market of 35 million kilos and this can only be possible through concerted efforts of all our departments which are crucial to production,” he said.