Kakamega: Two Legged Calf Surprise for Residents

A cow at one of the homesteads at Madivini village in Ikolomani constituency gave birth to a two legged calf to the surprise of residents

The owner of the cow, Augustus Lumwachi, said he purchased the animal two months ago from a local market hence he can’t tell the identity of the bull that served it.

“The calf is just okay and it’s even feeding on milk that we feed it with once we milk the mother. We have no plans of disposing of it,” said Mr. Lumwachi.

The residents who were shocked by the incident said they have never seen such an occurrence within the region.

They called on the livestock department at the Kakamega county government to study the animal to ascertain if the case has something to do with a genetic disorder.

“We will pass the message to the relevant officers to help us to find the answers to these cases. We need sensitization on how we can avoid such occurrences if it is possible,” said Gideon Mutsami.

Elsewhere, a 39 year old man died on the spot after he was hit and run over by one of the bulls taking part in a bull fighting contest at Shitaho village in Lurambi constituency, Kakamega County.

Robert Atema had joined other villagers in witnessing the much hyped fight pitting a bull alias “Ringo” against the other one named “Major” from a neighbouring village.