Governor Natembeya Initiates Hands on Management

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya in office. Photo/Courtesy

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya is setting up a new foundation upon which he will be able to roll out his economic transformation agenda in the region as he sets to constitute his government.

Natembeya who kicked off his work by touring all the departments on a fact finding mission is keen on ensuring he weeds out all roadblocks that hindered development in the former regime.

“ My Deputy and I have held fact finding meetings with departmental heads just to get acquainted with what is going on in each sector. This will enable us to develop a working formula towards making this region prosperous,” he said.

Notable Changes                                                                                                           The Governor is already leading by example in his call to have all county staff be committed to service delivery which he said is critical for the region to fully realize its socioeconomic growth targets.

“Working in the public service is not a mandatory affair hence those who willingly choose this path should be ready to deliver on their mandates since they are paid by taxpayers’ money. I will only work with a committed team,” said Natembeya who reports to work as early as 7 am.

The county boss said his administration has initiated an audit of the human resource aimed at ensuring that all employees meet the requirements of hiring as required by law to weed out ghost workers.

“The law has guidelines on the procedure of hiring and a ceiling on the wage bill to give room for budgetary allocations to go towards economic development to realize the goals of devolution,” Governor Natembeya said.

The Governor has set aside Wednesday as a public engagement day where residents are given a chance to visit him in the office to present their grievances upon which they are given appropriate direction.

He has also committed to have a non-partisan approach in his leadership style to ensure every resident of the cosmopolitan county realizes development irrespective of their political affiliations.

“My deputy and I am looking forward to having a constructive working relationship with all elected leaders especially those in the county so that we can deliver on the promises we made to our people during campaigns,” he said.