Governor Lonyangapuo formally breaks ties with KANU

West Pokot Governor Professor John Lonyangapuo (in blue cap) joins dancers in a jig at Kamorrow Primary School on October 11, 2022, during the unveiling of 52 Village Elders from Psigirio, Keringet and Tartar Sub Locations of Mnagei Location. Photo/Courtesy

West Pokot Governor Professor John Lonyangapuo has formally ditched the Kenya African National Union party KANU and accepted an offer of becoming the party leader of the newly formed Kenya union party (KUP).

The party which was given the green light to operate by the registrar of political parties after meeting all the requirements seeks to promote economic transformation through equal representation and cohesiveness.

Speaking while receiving the party’s certificate, Governor Lonyangapuo said the birth of the new party is in line with the country’s constitution on multiparty politics which offers a platform for various socio-economic ideals to be pursued through political parties.

“Political parties to a growing democracy like Kenya have become a mechanism of representing the interests and the birth of KUP today means a widened democratic space has been granted to more Kenyans,” he said.

He said the party will fight for strengthening of devolution which is a key pillar in boosting the economy at the grassroots level while at the same time promoting the voices of all irrespective of their gender, race or economic status.

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“The party (KUP) believes in the power of women and youth in development. Previous marginalization of these groups is our biggest undoing. I call upon the Kenyan youth and women to take this rare opportunity and join the party of their desire,” he said.

KUP has already indicated willingness to join hands with other like-minded parties to form a coalition in the run up to the 2022 general elections where it will seek to field candidates at various slots across the country.

“We are willing to work with visionary leaders who mean well for this country. I call upon Kenyans to keenly look at the ideologies behind the political parties so that they can elect the right leaders that can transform the country,” said the governor.

The party is expected to give KANU a run for its money in the next general elections especially in counties that have been loyal to the cockerel party while electing leaders since late president Daniel Moi’s regime.