Farmers urged to embrace AI services

Kwanza MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi issues an AI liquid nitrogen container to a farmer at Kobos village. Photo/Aspect News

Farmers in Kwanza constituency have been challenged to embrace artificial insemination (AI) services to get animals with high pedigree that are good producers of both Milk and Meat.

This follows statistics indicating that most farmers have not taken up the technology which has seen them fail to optimize their returns even after diversification from over-reliance on Maize farming.

“Farmers have to invest in good breeds if they are determined to get good returns out of their economic ventures with regards to dairy farming,” said Mr. George Kamau, the agent of Kenya Animal Genetic Resources center

Area MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi said best dairy farming practices are key to boosting returns, urging the farmers to keenly adhere to extension services’ guidelines issued during the field day to realize better returns.

“We have focused on boosting dairy farming in this region but this can only happen if the farmers have the right breeds of animals. Research has proven that indigenous breeds are unproductive,” said Mr. Wanyonyi.

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Eight AI equipment were issued to farmer organisations in the region during the field day as a way of ensuring they have easy access to the AI services unlike in the past.

The farmers cited venereal livestock diseases as a major hindrance to their productivity owing to a reliance on bulls of local breeds to serve their cows. They welcomed the cost effective service.

“We have been challenged in our endeavours. The rate of output is lower than expected since we have been relying on old methods of production which has seen us fail to achieve our targets,” said Mr. Shaban Sakwa.