Ex-IDPs group hit with leadership row wants fresh elections

A view of the Bonde IDPs camp in Trans Nzoia East Sub County. Photo/Aspect News

A confusion surrounding the leadership of a group of 116 former internally displaced families who were settled on a piece of land at Bonde area in Trans Nzoia east Sub County will be sorted through fresh elections.

This followed a move by the area Deputy County commissioner Abed Mwalwa to sanction for a fresh poll to determine new leadership after a recent exercise was disputed by the community on grounds interference.

The current leadership under the chairmanship of Mr. Reuben Kebo accused some chiefs in the region of trying to impose leadership on the community against their wish saying the move is suspect.

“We want a free and fair voting exercise where each of the votes within the 116 household will continue to ensure elected officials have a mandate from a majority of the members,” said Mr. Kebo.

The families have been on a six years wait with each hoping to get its individual portion on the four pierces land, totaling 300 acres. The lands were procured by the government for the group which was evicted from Berur in Saboti constituency during the 2007/2008 post election violence.

Mr. Kebo said delays in demarcating the four pieces of land that were used to settle them has grounded their lifestyles since they have been forced to put up in temporary structures.

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“We can’t utilize the land for productivity since nobody has settled on his or her required piece of land. We have been imobilised in our development agenda since we have been waiting for long,” Mr. Kebo told journalists.

The secretary of the group Mr. Jonathan Elaar said the delayed demarcation of the land has turned the place in to a slum since they are under strict instructions not to construct permanent houses.

“We are finding it difficult to operate in the temporary structure we are putting up in in a secluded part of the land here the government gave us a go ahead to stay pending survey of the land,” said Mr. Elaar.

The Deputy County commissioner said preparations are underway to carry out to demarcate the lands after a team of surveyors recently concluded a physical planning exercise.

“The lands will soon be demarcated to pave way for each family to be allocated its piece of land after setting aside land which is inhabitable owing to steepness or riparian land,” Mr. Mwalwa said.