Elders defend senator Mbito’s backing of Jubilee leadership changes

Former Kitale deputy mayor Pius Arap Kauka

Elders from the Sabaot community in Trans Nzoia have thrown their weight behind a move by area senator Dr. Michael Mbito to support recent changes in Jubilee party house leadership in the Senate.

The elders dismissed politicians from the community who have misinterpreted the move to imply the Senator has joined forces sabotaging deputy president William Ruto’s presidential bid.

“The senator has a right like any other elected member within the Jubilee party to voice his opinion on the party’s leadership. This doesn’t translate to despising the deputy president,” said Mr. John Kapkong, a member of the Saboti Supreme Council.

Mr. Kapkong said party re-organization is a normal thing which is done to restore sanity in parties hence should not cause jitters among supporters of the ruling party in the region.

“The senator has been a loyal member of the Jubilee party who has been working for the common good of the residents of Trans Nzoia. Whatever he does is for the party’s good,” he said.

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Former Kitale deputy mayor Pius Arap Kauka said the senator represents the cosmopolitan region hence he has to align himself to political ideologies that support national unity and development.

“Trans Nzoia has naturally been an opposition hotbed which has hindered its growth. It is only wise that our leaders should be cautious not to attract the wrath of the president for our own good,” said Mr. Kauka.

Meanwhile, The Trans Nzoia movement for change in conjunction with area senator Dr. Michael Mbito has offered humanitarian aid to families hit with floods within Kwanza and Endebess Sub counties.