Efforts to boost maternal healthcare in Trans Nzoia

Expectant mothers within Trans Nzoia County have been urged to seek antenatal healthcare services to curb risks associated with pregnancies which may endanger their lives and those of their unborn babies.

The appeal was sounded during a safer mother program organized by the Royal Gardens Hospital in Kitale where several expectant women were taken through what they need to observe during their pregnancy.

Mr. Amos Wanjala who is a clinical officer at the facility noted that reliance on traditional antenatal services by a section of women within the region remains a great challenge to safe motherhood.

“We have discouraged them from seeking for healthcare from untrained medical providers which puts their lives and those of their unborn babies at high risks of infections and even maternal deaths,” Mr. Wanjala said.

Participants were also enlightened on the need to ensure they strictly adhere to advice with regard to nutrition, exercising and medication that they need to use throughout the three trimesters of their pregnancy.

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“We insist that an expectant woman has to adhere to all the antenatal clinics as required to guarantee safe pregnancy. Deliveries must also be made at health facilities where they can give birth safely,” said Mr. Wanjala.

The importance of laboratory tests during pregnancy was also cited as a major practice that gives accurate directions on how expecting women can effectively safeguard their pregnancies till birth.

“Laboratory tests are also important to ascertain if some of the women have complications or special cases that inform antenatal caregivers on how to manage them,” said Mr. Hesborn Karugu, a laboratory specialist at the facility.

The Safer mother Program seeks to promote access to affordable high quality medical care for expecting mothers to reduce child mortality in line with sustainable development goal on good health and well being.