Divided opinion on Khaemba impeachment plan

The legal advisor in the office of the deputy president Dr. Abraham Sing’oei addresses journalists in Kitale. Photo/Aspect News

The legal advisor in the office of the deputy president Dr. Abraham Sing’oei has taken issue with a fresh attempt by members of the county assembly of Trans Nzoia to impeach area Governor Patrick Khaemba terming the move “insincere”.

Dr. Singo’ei said he acknowledges the fact that the county government has failed in delivering on its mandate to residents but accused the county assembly of failing to carry out its oversight role as expected.

“I believe the impeachment is suspect and is not being fronted in good faith because we should not spare the MCAs in such a move if we genuinely want to clear the mess in this County,” Dr. Sing’oei spoke in Kitale.

The legal expert who is also eying the gubernatorial seat come 2022 said the timing of the impeachment motion raises eyebrows bearing in mind that it is a mere reaction on a speech read by the governor.

Area senator Dr. Micheal Mbito however feels the assembly is on the right track saying it has a legal mandate to use any weapon within its arsenal to bring back sanity in the county.

Dr. Mbito accused Governor Khaemba of trying to control the assembly following his remark that one of the MCAs be investigated for giving a negative report about his administration to the World Bank.

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“The governor should not take it personal whenever the MCAs perform their oversight roles whether in the house or outside. We all mean well for this county hence nobody sound be victimized,” he noted.

The MCAs are meanwhile divided on the impeachment plan with its proponents saying it’s the only remedy to bring back sanity in the county while opponents feel it is not necessary.

“Our impeachment plan is motivated by the glamour for development. The people we represent have expressed disappointment in the failure by the governor to develop this county,” said Kinoyoro MCA Lawrence Mokosu.

Jubilee party chief whip who is Bidii ward MCA Bernard Wambwa said impeachment is not a solution to challenges being faced in the region since the motion is grounded on witch hunt.

“We have a right as the assembly to put poke holes in what we feel the executive is not doing right without necessarily targeting individuals. We also have a scorecard to present to the electorate,” said Mr. Wambwa.