COVID 19: Trans Nzoia chiefs ordered to put an end to crowded funerals

The Trans Nzoia county emergency and response team tours the COVID 19 isolation center at the Mt. Elgon county Hospital on March 23, 2020. Photo/CGTN

Assistant chiefs in Trans Nzoia County have been directed to enforce guidelines requiring at least 15 people to attend burials in a bid to curb the spread of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Area Governor Patrick Khaemba and County Commissioner Samson Ojwang’ who are Co-chairs of the county emergency and response team said residents have to suspend the habit of prolonged and crowded funerals.

“Burial arrangements for the deceased have to be made within 24 hours. Those who want to support such families should only send them messages of condolence and financial assistance through M-Pesa,” said governor Khaemba.


Commissioner Ojwang’ said the assistant chiefs will record lists of 15 mourners before issuing burial permits to ensure that only those listed will be present when performing burial rites.

“I know this part of the country attaches a lot of cultural beliefs to funerals but this will have to stop for now because we are dealing with a deadly virus. Those who violate the regulation will be arrested,” he said.

The commissioner further directed all Boda Boda operators in the region to observe guidelines on social distancing saying they will not be allowed to crowd while waiting for passengers.

“We are not going to encourage unnecessary crowding in town during this period. Police officers will be carrying out surveillance to ensure the guidelines are adhered to,” he said.

The Governor announced that the Mt. Elgon county Hospital which has a 32 bed capacity has been converted in to a Corona virus isolation center where patients with related symptoms will be admitted.

“We call on anybody with symptoms to call our hotlines for them to be picked up instead of coming on their own since they might infect other people on the way in the event they are affected,” he said.

The county commissioner put on notice locals who have developed a habit of peddling lies on social media with regard to the pandemic to desist from the culture or face punitive measures.