County government of Trans Nzoia in plans to Kick out Nzowasco

A treatment plant belonging to the Nzoia Water Services Company Limited (Nzowasco) in Webuye. Photo/Courtesy

The county government of Trans Nzoia has initiated plans to set up a new water company to handle water management services in the region accusing the Nzoia water Services Company (NZOWASCO) of poor service.

Area Governor Patrick Khaemba said the new water firm will take over Nzowasco services in a bid to guarantee residents quality services and extension of water circulation.

“We are tired of poor services by Nzowasco despite the fact that Trans Nzoia attributes for its 80% of resources yet the management has taken us for a ride for long,” said Khaemba.

Hospital ward MCA Erick Wafula said the area county assembly is already debating a motion to have the county government break ties with NZOWASCO which equally manages water supply in Bungoma County.

“The motion seeks to formulate a framework of breaking away from NZOWASCO so that we can form a new company to cater for water and sewerage services,” Mr. Wafula said in Kitale.

He said the move is sparked by a seeming burden by the company to effectively serve the inters6tes of residents of the two counties hence the need for autonomy.

NZOWASCO’s board of directors’ chairman Furaha Lusweti however urged Governor Khaemba to shelve the plan saying the firm is currently undergoing major changes to bring it back on feet.

“We are carrying out major changes through the new team that is steering the water firm. I invite the MCAs to work with us to achieve these changes,” Mr. Lusweti spoke in Kitale.

NZOWASCO is fully owned by the county Governments of Bungoma and Trans Nzoia. It was formed under the Companies Act (CAP 486) on February 4, 2004 by the defunct Bungoma and Nzoia county councils.

The company is mandated by the Lake Victoria North Water Services Board (LVNWSB) to provide water and sewerage services within the County Governments of Bungoma (Bungoma, Webuye & Kimilili) and Trans Nzoia (Kitale).