Concern over incomplete projects in Trans Nzoia

The Kitale Bus terminus which is under construction. Photo/County Government of Trans Nzoia

Civil society groups in Trans Nzoia County have raised the red flag over an increase in the rate of incomplete development projects initiated by the area county government.

This followed findings of a 2016-2018 social audit report commissioned by the group to ascertain the state of developments within the region following accusations that the county assembly had failed on its oversight role.

The survey was undertaken by the Kitale based Justice and Peace Center with a funding from Uraia where sampled residents who submitted photographic data on state of affairs on development projects.

“The rate of incomplete projects within this county as alarming as found out by this report. Officials seem not to be bothered by this,” said the project officer Mr. George Okinyi.

Mr. Okinyi said most of the projects had stalled owing to a move by rogue contractors linked to county government officials to carry out shoddy works which did not meet the required standards.

They also took issue with a move by the county government to offer certificates of completion to the incomplete projects despite lack of approval from its officers on the ground.

“What is baffling is that some of the projects that are incomplete have been given a clean bill of health by the county government,” said the justice and peace center executive director Leonard Barasa.

Of concern also was the lack of public participation by locals on some of the major projects with respondents who took part in the audit saying some of the projects are imposed on villages.