Chinese road constructor blamed for worsening Namanjalala floods

Residents of Sabwani relocate to a higher ground after flooding

Residents of Namanjalala location in Kwanza constituency are up in arms against a Chinese construction company which they blame for worsening flooding in the area.

The construction company which is laying bitumen on the Lessos to Maili Kumi na Moja road is on the receiving end for demolishing a flooding barrier along Sabwani river bridge region.

As a result of the flooding, some 800 residents have been displaced while crops have been submerged in water at Sabwani, Maliki, Marinda, Kobos and Buyanzi villages following ongoing heavy downpour.

“We want the Chinese construction company to be held liable for these floods since its personnel demolished the barrier which contained flooding around the area. They have to compensate us,” said Mr. John Wekesa.

Area MCA Bernard Wanjala accused the management of the company of overlooking a directive by devolution cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa to restore the barriers following a meeting last year.

“I find the management of the company to be defiant since they had agreed to fix the barriers last year but they have not done so to an extent that people are counting losses,” said Mr. Wanjala.

Affected residents also called for relief from the government to cushion them from the effects of homelessness and lack of food as a result of the disaster which has hit them hard.

“This is double tragedy for us since the government is telling us to stay home to contain the spread of the Corona virus yet our homes have been flooded with water,” said Mrs Alice Nasambu.

They also called on the government to live up to its promise of finding a lasting solution to the perennial flooding in the region which has been affecting them whenever there is heavy downpour.

“The government is aware of this challenge since it has been occurring annually but there has been no commitment in putting in place long lasting mitigation measures,” said Mr. Patrick Wanjala.