Call on BBI task force to supply copies

Trans Nzoia county assembly’s minority leader Emmanuel Waswa. Photo/Aspect News

The Building Bridges Initiative Taskforce has been called upon to make use of the postponed signatures collection exercise to supply copies of the proposed amendments across the country.

Trans Nzoia county assembly’s minority leader Emmanuel Waswa said most of the Kenyans have not read the proposed documents with Politicians hijacking the agenda for selfish interests.

“The taskforce should take advantage of the postponed exercise to ensure BBI copies are supplied at the village level to ensure Kenyans are informed,” said Mr. Waswa in an interview in Kitale.

He also stressed the need by the taskforce to ensure that there is enough civic education conducted to bring illiterate Kenyans up to speed with the contents of the proposed to inform their decisions.

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“The taskforce should make use of chiefs to distribute the copies and lead civic education sessions. The process should incorporate the views of Kenyans to be more relevant,” said the ward representative.

The roll out of the signatures collection exercise which was slated for last week was called off at the last minute. At least one million signatures required to trigger the amendment of the Constitution.