Bishop Crowley wants war on Covid 19 prioritised over BBI referendum

The head of the Catholic diocese Kitale Bishop Maurice Crowley address journalists in his office. Photo/Aspect News

The head of the Catholic diocese Kitale Bishop Maurice Crowley wants the ongoing Building Bridges Initiative constitutional amendment conversation on the to be shelved in favour of waging war against Covid 19.

Bishop Crowley expressed concern over a move by the political class to shift focus on containing the spread of the pandemic despite a rise in cases in favour of achieving political goals ahead of 2022 general elections.

“The government should take the lead in implementing Corona Virus containment measures first before focusing on having a referendum. The conversation on the proposed document can however go on,” he spoke in his office in Kitale.

He called on county governments to boost their surveillance mechanisms to ensure Kenyans adhere to stipulated Covid 19 containment measures saying laxity is accounting for a rise in cases of infections and deaths.

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“For instance the cases are high in schools since learners are not observing the measures. I however believe we should not close the schools but we should focus on containing the spread chain,” observed Bishop Crowley.

He also for accommodation of divergent opinions on the constitutional amendment proposals generated by the BBI taskforce saying the final document should be more unifying that being divisive.

“Those who are against contestation on the BBI constitutional amendment draft document are underscoring the essence of the referendum which will give Kenyans to accept or reject the proposals,” he said.