Aspirant wants Government to Address Farmers’ woes

Endebess parliamentary aspirant Alwin Sasia. Photo/Aspect News

Endebess ​(Trans Nzoia) ​parliamentary aspirant Alwin Sasia has challenged the government to hurriedly address the fuel crisis ​in the country ​to cushion farmers from the ​rising​ cost of mechanized​ farming.

Mr. Sasia said farmers who rely on mechanized farming have had their land preparation and planting activities ​​affected as a result of the fuel crisis​ which is double trouble for them since the farm inputs are already costly. ​

“We appeal to the government to address the fuel crisis so as to enable farmers to carry on with their mechanized farming so as to plant in time​. This is making farming to be an expensive venture​,” he said.

Mr. Sasia ​also took issue with a failure by the ministry of Agriculture to supply Di ammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizer in the subsidized consignment delivered at the National Cereals and produce board NCPB depot in Kitale.

“Farmers with a requirement for DAP fertilizer have been disappointed since only NPK fertilizer was supplied​ yet they wanted to have fertilizer of their choice​,” noted the politician.

Farmers ​in the region have an extra ​​burden following the invasion of the African army worm on their Maize plantation which has been reported in several farms within the county.